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Gastvortrag Dr. Andrew Ollett


Das Institut für Indologie und Tibetologie lädt ein zu einem Gastvortrag von Dr. Andrew Ollett (Harvard University) über "The Prakrit Romance: Kautūhala's Līlāvatī".

Zeit und Ort: Montag, 10.07.17, 18 h c.t., Raum 427 (Ludwigstr. 31) 

Abstract: Koūhala's *Līlāvaī* (ca. 800 CE) is not just a captivating specimen of the Prakrit romance. It provides an excellent opportunity to think about what both "Prakrit" and "romance" mean in the context of Indian literature. *Līlāvaī* has a lot of features that are typical of Indian story literature: demigods zooming around in aerial chariots, demon-infested forests, and lovers separated by curses. It is, however, also a Prakrit story, which means among other things that it is rich in allusions to the Prakrit literature tradition – the story's protagonists, in fact, are the protagonists of this tradition. And it is also an important intervention into a genre, the romance, whose features and limits were never very strictly defined.